Partner with us

We build partnership that not only sustain our company but also benefit our clients. With more than 50 banks, franchises and trade associations we ensure that our clients stay connected through our affiliate partnerships. Think of referral partnerships as an added bonus of valuable resources to your company. Where will you find a company that shares the wealth of its success with their clients? The answer is at Payment Processing Consultants. PPC sets itself apart from the completion because once you sign on with us you receive the following benefits:

  • Added revenue from a shared revenue split.
  • Discounted pricing to your customers / members.
  • Reporting on leads received, leads sold and revenue earned by customer.
  • Sales people who are dedicated to your organization.
  • Marketing that includes brochures, email blasts, telemarketing, newsletter ads, educational articles and meetings with your personnel.

The companies that have partnered with us trust that we will take great care of their members / customers.
Contact us today and get one step closer to better solutions and flexibility for your clients.